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Sustainable Animal Production - Visions for the 21th century

Welcome to our Website!
Sustainable animal production is a system which preserves the basis of life of future generations. The foundations, conditions and perspectives for animal production are exceedingly variable in different parts of the world. This project focusses on the future supply and quality of food for humans and animals, animal welfare and health, the effects of animal production on the environment, the influences of new technologies, future animal production sites and global trade.

These pages contain the Conference Sustainable Animal Production , the documentation of a multidisciplinary project to develop a global vision for the future of the production of food of animal origin. This site is also intended as a forum to continue the dialogue begun in the virtual conference and workshop series "Sustainable Animal Production".

The project was realized by a consortium of scientists from four research institutions in northern Germany and includes a virtual conference launched in October, 1999, and followed by a series of real workshops held from June to October, 2000.

Here you will find abstracts of papers presented at the workshops, an archive of the Internet conference and an ongoing open forum for your comments.

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