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Background Information

Conference Sustainable Animal Production contains summaries of the results and abstracts of the papers presented at a series of eight multidisciplinary internationl workshops held from June to October 2000 at four research institutions in northern Germany.

The project was developed and realized by thirteen scientists of the Research Consortium Sustainable Animal Production in cooperation with nine international co-chairmen.

The goal is to develop a vision of animal production that is truly sustainable, i.e., not only economically viable, but also adequate to the needs of animal health and welfare, responsive to consumer demands and needs, and environmentally responsible.

The workshop series was preceded and accompanied by the virtual conference archived elsewhere in this site. The results of the Internet conference and the workshops were summarized and presented to the public at a final plenary session held in Hannover, Germany on October 16, 2000. A series of Proceedings volumes is in preparation.

Proceedings volumes

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