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PDF File

PDF (Portable Document Format) is a file format developed by Adobe® Systems for distributing documents cross-platform, with original formatting intact and independent of the application software used to create them. Reading PDF files requires a viewing program, which can be set up for use within a graphical web browser. The Adobe® Acrobat® Reader® is part of the standard Netscape configuration and is also available as a stand-alone application.

How do I view a PDF document?

With free Adobe® Acrobat® Reader® software, you can view and print Adobe® PDF files across a broad range of hardware and operating systems. Go to Adobe® Download Page and download the Reader. After installation of the Reader, you will be able to view PDF files.

What do the PDF documents contain?

Each PDF document contains all documents from one of the workshops archived at agriculture.de.

Common problem: Netscape loads PDF as a blank page

Netscape can be configured to use Adobe® Acrobat® Reader® as a plugin (PDF files display in the browser window), or as an application (Acrobat Reader opens in an external window). The application is generally more reliable than the plugin - in particular, if a PDF file appears to start loading but all you end up with is a blank page, check that you are using the application rather than the plugin. To check or change settings

1.) In Netscape, go to Edit --> Preferences --> Navigator --> Applications
2.) Select "Portable Document Format" then Edit.
3.) In "Handled By" choose between    

  • "Application" with the path to the installed application or
  • "Plugin" which opens the document in the browser window.
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