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Workshop Series

Eight international workshops took place between June and October 2000 at participating institutions of the Research Consortium Sustainable Animal Production in Braunschweig, Vechta, Mariensee and Hannover. A total of 142 scientists from 23 countries participated in the workshops.

The results were summarized and presented to the public at a final session (held in German) including a roundtable discussion with representatives of government, agriculture, affiliated industries, the media and the psychology of nutrition. In addition to this Internet documentation of the workshop contents, Proceedings publications are in preparation.

The insights and recommendations from the various workshops are in part imbued with social and political aspects, but all bear a moral and ethical dimension. The realization of these goals is a challenge equally important to the public, politicians and scientists alike.

Final Statement Summaries
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The depending Final Statement Summary is available at the main page for each workhop, too.