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Workshop Series
Virtual Conference
Current Discussion
World Food Supply
Production Siting
Quality and Safety
The Environment
Animal Welfare
Animal Health
Genetic Resources
Animal Nutrition
Global Trade
Greenhouse Gases...
Particulates (Dust, Microorganisms)...
Pollutants from Animal Manure...
Tetracycline and Chlortetracycline...
Other Residues in Soils
Organic Livestock Production
Impact on Soil
Impact on Man
Proposals to Reduce Pollution
Contents: Livestock Farming and the Environment


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  • Contents
  • Summary
  • Quantify Airborne Emissions from Buildings, Stores and Land Application
  • Quantify Ammonia Emissions from Buildings, Stores and Land Application
  • Emission of Airborne Particulates from Animal Production
  • Pollutants in Animal Manure: Factors of Emission and Strategies for Reduction
  • Tetracycline and Chlortetracycline Residues in Soil Fertilized with Liquid Manure
  • Assessing the Environmental Fate and Effects of Veterinary Medicines
  • Organic Livestock Production
  • Impact of Livestock on Soil
  • Livestock Farming and the Environment: Impact on Man
  • Abating Pollution from Livestock Production



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