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Animal Health

L. Babiuk,
University of Saskatchewan (CA)
V. Moennig,
School of Veterinary Medicine
Institute of Virology (FRG)
September 5, 2000
Institute of Animal Science and Animal Behaviour, FAL Mariensee

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Final Statement

Constant worldwide structural changes in animal production (including aquaculture) have crucially contributed to increased health risks for animals and humans. Worldwide, huge economic losses are caused by OIE List A diseases, "new" or infectious diseases long believed conquered, antibiotic-resistant and multifactorial diseases. In addition, such diseases often pose serious trade barriers. Problems due to disease can be reduced or even eliminated if the entire spectrum of preventative and prophylactic measures are implemented as part of health programs. This strategy requires the cooperation of producers, veterinarians, public health authorities, the industry and consumers. Thanks to their position in the economy, consumers can provide producers with economic incentives to act. The implementation of animal health programs is a continual, never-ending process.



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